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Logical Decision Data Solutions provides custom computer programming, application design and development, and related services for desktop, web, mobile, and mainframe platforms. Established in 2016, LDDS is a natural evolution of our former company, The VB Programmer. While Visual Basic (VB) remains a core competency at LDDS, the Logical Decision name reflects the current expansion of the company and ability to develop solutions for clients using a broad range of toolsets.

Our clientele comprises a diverse set of industries including, but not limited to:

medical / health care

legal services

financial planning


real estate

retail sales



market research

We specialize in the design, development and maintenance of applications for the following platforms:


Design, develop and maintain client/server or single-user desktop applications using current version of Visual Studio/Visual Basic for the front-end GUI (graphical user interface) against a variety of back-end database systems including SQL Server, MS-Access, Oracle, and DB/2. We also support applications developed with classic Visual Basic (VB6).

For MS-Access database applications, we can assist in several ways, including developing a complete application from scratch, modifying existing code and UI elements, adding new forms, queries, reports, or modules, converting a legacy application to MS-Access, upsizing an MS-Access database to SQL Server or Oracle, or developing a new front-end.

We provide expertise in MS-Office (Excel and Word) automation and integration. Automation can be done through VBA (Visual Basic for Applications) within the Office application itself or by using a standard Visual Basic program as a front-end.


Design, develop and maintain powerful, scalable, data-driven web applications leveraging the latest technologies and development techniques. Implementing data-driven design is essential for ensuring that your website effectively serves your user’s needs. Whether users are looking to order a product, schedule an appointment, research your company, or inquire about your services, your website gives them their first impression of your brand. While a visually appealing user interface (UI) is attractive, the user experience (UX) must also produce the results they are looking for. This is where data-driven design comes in. We can assist you in developing and maintaining a site that is easy to navigate, engaging, and provides the results your users expect. Our expertise includes but is not limited to .NET, Azure, AWS, Angular, Node.js; we can also maintain classic ASP sites.


Design, develop and maintain powerful, engaging, and functional data-driven mobile applications leveraging the latest technologies and development techniques. Today is the mobile age and having a mobile app employed makes you that much more accessible to your customers and also provides the ability for your staff to connect while out in the field. We can develop mobile apps for you targeting platforms including iPhone, iPad, and Android.


Mainframe-based computing is strong in many sectors of our economy, and the vast majority of software mainframes run on is written in the COBOL programming language. COBOL has been around for over 60 years and is still alive and kicking. We can develop and maintain COBOL-centric applications using a simulated IBM mainframe development environment for creation of client deliverables. We can also assist with COBOL-based application development and maintenance on other (non-mainframe) platforms.

What people are saying...

  • Bruce knows how to turn someone's vision into a very useful tool. Enjoy working with him and would highly recommend his experience to others!

    Theresa Tumber, Sales Coach and Recruiter at TriQuest USA
  • Bruce was exceptionally receptive to our needs and exceeded our expectations of the project. He was very accessible throughout the process and was always checking in to inform me of his progress. He used resources we provided him with as well as ones he sought out on his own in order to complete our Access programming changes. He went 'above and beyond the call of duty' and was a pleasure to work with. I recommend him highly without reservation."

    Christine Harashinski, Operations Manager, American Bureau of Metal Statistics
  • I have been working with Bruce since 2006 and have never been disappointed. I would highly recommend his services to anyone. His work ethic is fantastic and skills are impeccable. Bruce has great programming skills and understands the meaning of a deadline. He has great communication skills and is very thorough when it comes to understanding a project and getting the big picture on future possibilities that may need to be addressed."

    Ken Wolff, President, Spectrum Computer Technologies, Inc.
  • Bruce was asked to further customize a health-care related Access database. He took the time to learn our office systems and the issues specific to medical scheduling. This enabled him to write the perfect application for our needs. It continues to function flawlessly. He has been available to write upgrades in his usual timely fashion. I recommend him to anyone requiring VB programming.

    Eric D. Strauss, M.D., Hand Surgery and Rehabilitation Center, Marlton, NJ
  • Bruce was an absolute joy to work with. He was able to easily understand what I wanted and provide a perfect solution to all of the complex problems involved in the project. He is very detail oriented and responds quickly and finishes projects ahead of schedule. His immense knowledge and creative thinking leads to amazing results. I would highly recommend him and plan on working with him many more times.

    Victoria Van Horsen, Advancement Technology Manager, The Principia
  • Bruce went above and beyond in helping me prepare and implement a computer program that will gather data for my doctoral dissertation. He was not only thorough, but he completed the work in under one week after starting from scratch. He was ever available and I was never hanging out waiting for him to respond. His work is just excellent in every way. I will recommend him without reservation to anyone needing computer based services.

    Toby A. Hagar, Ph.D., Licensed Professional Counselor, Certified Addictions Counselor III
  • After a brief discussion via e-mail, a data reporting application was designed for me and I could not be more delighted. This application has been designed in order that I can make some minor changes to the software which enables me to use the data reporting application in many different projects. Support has been excellent and I can recommend this design team without reservation.

    Ian Wilson, Commissioning Manager, Maintenance Controls and Engineering Scotland Ltd
  • Truly a rare find. Bruce is dedicated, honest, sincere, and a real pro in his chosen field. I am very satisfied with the results of his efforts and would highly recommend this firm to anyone who needs a programmer and/or website designer.

    Gary Marcus, Owner, Inovari, LLC